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Works great!

Barbara H
Jul 20, 2018

I have been a bit disappointed by the scheduling/timing of our sprays. Our sprays were to be started on Friday, 6/22 so that we would be there to speak to the technician. The technician however went to the house on Wednesday 6/20 while we were traveling and the gate was closed. Then for our second spray, we were expecting the technician between 8 am and 5 pm on Friday, 7/13, but after waiting around all day, received a text from him around 5:20 pm saying he would be there in 30 minutes when we were no longer home. I asked that he come on Saturday, which apparently he did, but he did not let us know he was coming... once again, we would have liked to speak with him.

Rana H
Jul 16, 2018

Would like to express my appreciation to Mosquito Joe for sending Technician Ken. Ken explained the procedure and visited with me and answer several questions. Ken was very polite and professional. Thank you

Joseph V
Jul 05, 2018

Have had very little to no mosquitoes since using the service. Is very effective and would recommend using.

Deliah R
Jun 01, 2018

It seems as though the backyard is sprayed nicely but I don't think we are getting the same coverage in the front yard.

Diane S
May 29, 2018

So far the service has been fantastic! We have not gotten any bites after the first spray!

Harrison S
May 22, 2018

It is much more expensive than I believe it should be. There needs to be a discount for customers who use it continuously foe 2 or 3 months. $86 every 3 week’s is very expensive. It is on par with pool or yard care on a regular basis. I am investigating yard diggers and other machines.

Fred R
May 19, 2018

We still have quite a few mosquitoes..I am assumong it would be a bigger problem without Mosquito Joe

Lee A
Apr 24, 2018

I must say that EVERY time after the service/spraying there is ALWAYS at least one mosquito hanging around INSIDE my house. Sometimes I am able to kill it but most of the time he leaves 2 to 5 painful whelps before its all over. Any suggestions? John Chapman 14006 Chevy Chase Dr. 77077

John C
Apr 07, 2018

Overall good service. I still see mosquitos around and it's early in the season, but the schedule and pricing is pretty good. Definitely an 8. Thanks.

Tommy O
Apr 03, 2018